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Tunda Island Banten

Tunda island covers an aggregate territory of 257.5 hectares, and authoritatively comprise of one and only town named Wargasara Village. The island has not been produced much for tourism, however with the developing number of guests to the island, various places of the neighborhood individuals have now been fitted as guesthouses.There is additionally a conventional vessel building focus where one can watch how customary wooden watercrafts are made totally by hand.

Tunda Island sharpness should be incorporated into the rundown of destinations that you must visit while investigating the area of Banten. You will be astonished by the excellence of nature ashore and marine life that has been well known among mates of snorkeling, plunging and angling specialist.

Tunda Island Banten - archipelago

While prime destinations in the area of Banten, for example, the Ujung Kulon National Park, Tanjung Lesung Resort, and the Old Banten Complex may as of now be wellknown among residential and worldwide voyagers, this territory still has a lot of shocking attractions, detached structure prevalent spotlights. One of such captivating shrouded fortunes is Tunda Island off the northern bank of Banten Bay.

There are two principle towns that you can investigate, to be specific the western town and town east. Both can be delighted in by trekking with down patio nurseries, bushes and palm trees range memperkental common air Tunda Island. Despite the fact that its exceptional town area near to the shoreline, wells in this island has not salty water that is ok for every day utilization.

Found authoritatively inside of the Serang Regency, Tunda Island is a charming little island encompassed by lovely submerged marvels. From Serang City, the capital of Banten Province, the Island can be come to in approximately 2 hours' watercraft ride from the port of Karangantu. With generally smooth waves, the ocean around the island is loaded with a plenitude of coral reefs of different hues, shapes, and size. "Discovering Nemo" will be no issue here, since one will have a lot of chances to watch comedian angle and additionally other submerged animals.

Between the month of July to September, guests will likewise get the chance to watch moving dolphins that are in some cases seen orbiting the island.

Tunda Island Banten map

Beside snorkeling and plunging, Tunda Island is likewise an immaculate spot for angling. Whether it is with the most recent pole and best in class angling gear, or doing it in customary courses with direct line and immaculate muscle control, the experience of dueling with monster trevally (GT) and other huge fish will unquestionably be esteemed by the individuals who appreciate the wearing craft of angling.

The magnificence of the island is additionally depicted in the fabulous dawn and nightfall which introduce an entrancing scene and enchantingly peaceful atmosphere.

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